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Dr Stephen Charello


Language: English

Dr. Steve Charello completed his chiropractic medical degree from the University of Los Angeles in 1985. He has more than 30 years of experience in chiropractic and has been performed in the United States, Brunei and China.

Dr. Charello has undergone extensive continuing education and graduate courses to keep his skills and techniques up to date, and trains a number of associate physicians who perform chiropractic practices.


Dr. has received advanced training in the activator method. In addition to using adjustment technology and torque release technology, which is also gaining experience, it also uses impulse equipment and is good at neural opportunity technology. As well as more than 100 hours of training for the disabled, it has extensive training related to the healing biomechanics of physical therapy.


In America he was a representative of the Cairo Practic Association of Nevada; Dr. Charello is now a member of the national organizations WCA, ACA and ICA.


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